Tuesday, April 9, 2019

The Idea is to GROW, not Divide

There's a reason this whole project is called NPC STRONG Kentucky. The idea is to grow the NPC, here, in the Bourbon State. While I run this unofficial, fan-based, athlete-centered page, I didn't name it. The project was named by my friend and mentor, our NPC Mid Atlantic Zone Chairman, Gary Udit. I have learned a great deal from Gary, as well as our President, Jim Manion (pictured).

I am committed to working with everyone. Have I made mistakes? Absolutely. And sooner or later, I make things right. Just recently I made things right with someone I hadn't spoken to in almost a year, even hugged it out, and I felt like a million bucks afterwards. Also, more recently, I did an interview with someone I've been wanting to do one with for a long time; however, due to ..., let's say, pressure, I didn't feel I should. I even felt the need to say I was going to do the interview beforehand, not really looking for permission, but maybe bowing to that same, pressure. I did the interview, loved doing it, and have zero regrets. Pressure creates tension, tension usually creates ill will, and from there, you have a breeding ground for feuds, rivalries, and cemented divisions.

Over the past eight months I've worked very hard to bridge some gaps in our Kentucky bodybuilding community and my hope is to continue to do so in 2019. Whether it's getting folks to meet, take a photo together, or simply "like" or double-tap each other's content on social media, it's all worked towards that end.

In the future, I'd like to see events with all supplement stores present, all teams present, and everyone having a good time. I'd like promoters to continue playing the great role they do - welcoming all companies at their NPC sanctioned contests. I'd also like to see the press, here in Kentucky, grow. We have a fantastic podcast each and every week called 2 Scoops Radio. I'm pretty sure they've referred to me as Lurch, which was hilarious (hey, at least Lurch has hair!!) Their shows are very informative and entertaining and I usually listen to at least one or two a month (and I don't even like podcasts!!). Do I agree with everything they say? No. But do they have a great show, great production value? Of course. I saw them cover last year's Kentucky Open and they did a fantastic job. How cool would it be if they covered all the Kentucky contests? I'd say, that'd be very cool, and press is what I do. The more, the merrier, because.... it GROWS THE NPC!!!

The big picture is growing the NPC - creating more opportunities, making more money, more contacts, and hopefully, more friends.

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