Friday, April 26, 2019

Sarah Barnett - A Name to Watch at the NPC Kentucky Derby Festival

Next Level Sport Nutrition's Sarah Barnett's big win at the Europa Orlando made headlines, with people all throughout Kentucky cheering her on. Backed by her well-respected and sought-after guru, Tyler Bedson, this looks to be a very promising year.

Although many competitors in Kentucky won't drive more than an hour away for an NPC seminar, let alone to compete, Barnett scored a huge win at a contest over 800 miles away!! She got on a stage where no one knew her, with competitors she'd never met, and she dominated!!

When I asked Sarah about her stellar placing in Orlando, here's what the champ had to say:

"Winning the Europa Orlando was a really cool experience. It allowed me to see all of my hard work come to fruition. But I know that the work is not done as we enter in to the last week leading up to the Ky Derby show. This is a tough show, and I know the competition will be stacked. I have no idea who I will be up against, but I know it will be a tough battle regardless."

One of the things I really like about Sarah, is her mindset going into this contest tomorrow. Most people might have a big head after winning a show like the Europa Orlando, but not Sarah. She recognizes she's up against great athletes, she knows what she brings to the table, and she's ready to fight for the win! This contest is also closer to her heart, as this is where she's from, where she lives, but to be sure, I wanted her to share, directly.

"Competing in KY is important to me because it allows those that have supported me throughout this journey the opportunity to come and watch and see what show day is all about. There are quite a few people that don’t know too much about the sport that have been very supportive, so I am happy that they will be able to come and experience the day for themselves. While I enjoyed competing out of state, I also like to make sure I am supporting the events in my home state as well."

I am, personally, hoping for a repeat, and let me tell you, if that happens, Sarah will be on her way to earning a Pro Card in 2019. The Florida win, alone, puts her in position, but repeating in Louisville, that would create a literal industry wave that she could ride to the Pro Qualifier of her choice! I couldn't put the finishing touches on this article, without the words of the great Tyler Bedson. In fact, I'll close with them.

 "Sarah has a high quality work ethic. Her consistency and desire to win shows, grows more and more, with each passing day. Together we’ve been able to effectively communicate and overcome any challenge presented to us!" - Tyler Bedson

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