Thursday, April 25, 2019

NPCStrongKentucky Welcomes Powerstation Gym

After our wildly successful seminar featuring our NPC Mid Atlantic Zone Chairman, Gary Udit, in Newport, I have been eager to create a stronger presence in Northern Kentucky, as well as a foothold in southern Ohio. The goal is to create an unofficial, athlete-centered force, zealously loyal to the NPC, that will help grow the sport and push forward with Gary's commitment to customer service - always putting the competitors first. 

I have been extremely fortunate to find someone I trust and who I believe in 100% in the area, in Jason Theobald. In addition to my friend William Gage Miller, who's done a great deal and who I will continue to rely upon, Jason will also play a very key role. We started talking right around the seminar and have spoken at great length over the last two weeks, further defining what it is we'd like to accomplish. Jason is a driving force in the sport. He's a pro athlete, WIDELY respected and sought-after guru, co-owner of an amazing supplement company and a true believer in growing the NPC. 

The addition of Powerstation Gym is absolutely huge!! It's a facility with a Mecca-like vibe, with tons of amazing equipment, and very big names that train there. It's also strategically located, just around 50 minutes from Cincinnati/Covington, 35 minutes to Dayton, and about 80 minutes to Columbus. This is precisely the kind of foothold we wanted in Ohio, with an undeniable reach into Northern Kentucky. We really hit a home run here!!

There's a lot being discussed and planned. For now, I'd like to thank and commend my friend Jason Theobald, welcome Powerstation Gym, and wish you all, the very best!!

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