Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Major Posing Announcement Coming - 2019 Kentucky Open / Kentucky State

It seems the gym world is buzzing throughout the Bourbon State, as Kentucky Open/State promoter Gene Goode is about to make a major posing announcement regarding his upcoming event at Rupp Arena. The contest, whose home venue in Frankfort was demolished, moved to Owensboro in 2018, enjoying huge numbers. Now, in 2019, the promoters will bring the best stage in Kentucky to Lexington's most talked about venue. Everyone is super pumped, but now with the upcoming posing announcement, the anticipation is building. Initially, when I first read the post, I thought maybe it'd be GAT athlete, IFBB Pro Kevin Johnson, considered one of the greatest posers in the country, if not the world. Johnson won Goode's Kentucky State in 2012; however, upon re-reading the post, it clearly states that the person in question is female. Who could it be then?

Kentucky has some very impressive female posers. There's IFBB Figure superstar Autumn Cleveland, who was part of last weekend's wildly successful Team Hornback posing clinic, and who commands legions of diehard fans. Cleveland's posing is so on point, she's been a part of numerous clinics and featured in countless articles and media coverage.

Another big name that comes to mind, is Ms. Kentucky Donna Williams Salib. Donna guest posed years ago, as an amateur, and later as a pro. She's placed Top 5 at IFBB Pro League pro shows and has a number of fans throughout the country and around the world. Donna knows how to bring an audience to their feet and keep them engaged!!

Another possibility I had thought was maybe NLSN's Sarah Barnett, who just won the Orlando Europa last weekend and who appears on the Kentucky Open contest posters; however, Goode's announcement clearly states that the person in question is a pro. Nonetheless, Barnett, who's also doing the upcoming NPC Kentucky Derby Festival Championships, may have amassed a series of titles, if not a pro card, by the time the Open rolls around in August.

Whoever the guest poser is, Gene has certainly created a lot of buzz for his contest. I know I can't wait to find out who will be the guest poser he keeps hinting at. 

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