Monday, April 29, 2019

Next Level Sports Nutrition, Title Sponsors, 2019 NPC Kentucky Open

First and foremost, let me just say how happy I am to report this piece of news. Next Level Sports Nutrition is now, the official title sponsor of the upcoming, 2019 NPC Kentucky Open and Kentucky State! This is literally a match made in heaven, and here's why.

Gene and Tina Goode are shining examples of how contest promoters in the NPC should operate. They go the distance to ensure the highest level of customer service, from their family of staff, their iconic stage, and their constant giving back to the fitness community. You can see Gene and/or Tina at NPC seminars, posing clinics, in-stores and community events all throughout the state. They also go to many of the big shows, out-of-state, like the NPC Teen, Collegiate, Masters Nationals, the North American Championships, and others. They're two of the hardest working promoters in the business and they've really been through quite a lot the last two years, from losing their beloved venue in Frankfort, making a costly move to Owensboro, and now settling in their new home venue in Lexington.

Speaking of hard work, Sean and Amy of NLSN are two incredibly hardworking business owners in the fitness industry. After successfully owning and operating multiple stores in Louisville, they've expanded to Lexington. They also have an undeniable track record of creating opportunities for countless Kentucky athletes, both at the amateur and professional levels. The 502 Wrecking Crew put  many athletes on the map and gave them their big break. In addition to everything I've stated here, I also have great respect for both Sean and Amy, for giving IFBB Pro Kevin Johnson a real chance. Of all the athletes they signed, this one particular signing cost them a lot of headaches, blowback, and drama, but they put 100% of their efforts behind him and never looked back. That's the kind of heart you just gotta respect.

Kevin Johnson has a real future - he could very well be one of the few bodybuilders of his day, to make an indelible impact on the sport. He's not only a gifted poser, but one look at what 2x Women's Phyisque Champion Sarah Barnett accomplished over the last month at the Europa Orlando and the Kentucky Derby Festival Championships, and it becomes crystal clear, you're dealing with a very talented athlete. 

In closing, I hope you're all very excited about the coming contest. I have a feeling the Kentucky Open is gonna take it to the - NEXT LEVEL - in LEXINGTON :) 

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