Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Meet New Competitor: CJ Camacho (U of L Student)

Be sure to check out my interview with aspiring, NPC Men's Physique competitor and U of L student, CJ Camacho at the world Famous The Factory Gym in Louisville, KY. 

Friday, August 23, 2019

Kentucky's Kezia Mullen - 2019 NPC North American Bound

Kentucky's Kezia Mullen is considered by most, to be the state's greatest NPC Figure Competitor, is prepped by the legendary Steve Weingarten, and is sponsored by the world famous The Factory Gym in Louisville, KY. 

Kezia won the prestigious Kentucky Muscle title and will be hitting the big stage at Gary Udit's 2019 NPC North American Championships in Pittsburgh, PA (August 28th - 31st). 

Big shout to IFBB Pro Patricia Brown for sponsoring Kezia competing.

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Jodie In Command - Get Fit 24/7 Louisville

Check out my interview with Top Ranked, National Level, NPC Women's Physique competitor Jodie Engle. Recently, Jodie made a career change and is doing what she loves. Don't miss this great interview from Get Fit 24/7 in St. Matthews, Louisville, KY.

Jodie is a sponsored athlete with Next Level Sports Nutrition, Team AllMax, and The Factory Gym Louisville. You can follow her at @JodieAlexisFit on Instagram.

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Kevin Johnson - Guest Poser - 2019 NPC Natural Kentucky

During a very successful Free NPC Posing Clinic at Proof Fitness in Lexington, KY, NPC  Mid Atlantic Zone Chair, Gary Udit, announced that Kentucky's own IFBB Pro Kevin Johnson would be guest posing at the upcoming 2019 NPC Natural Kentucky in Covington. This is a key contest that bridges southern Ohio and Northern Kentucky, with competitors coming from nearby West Virginia  as well. This opportunity, coupled with Kevin co-headlining with Gary and IFBB Pro Linda Andrew at this past weekend's clinic, further cements the Louisville native's roots on the pro circuit. Backed by two key sponsors in Next Level Sports Nutrition and Team GAT, the future is looking very bright for one of the most prolific posers of the day.

With regards to the event, its seen a consistent level of growth that continues to provide Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati with world class bodybuilding. Co-promoters Jeff & Angi Schuerman, together with Rick Bayardi and Gary Udit, have done a great job of working within the region, creating, maintaining, and strengthening ties in the community. More over, the contest is extremely fortunate to have the key support of longtime, title sponsor Affordable Athletic Supplements. 

Having a guest poser of Kevin's caliber, coupled with the hard work of the event's four outstanding co-promoters, makes all the sense in the world. This will be an event you will NOT want to miss!!

It'll also be the only Kentucky event I cover for StrengthAddicts and NPC Strong Kentucky. I plan on putting a ton of emphasis on Kevin's appearance. He's a driving force on the Kentucky scene and deserves the star treatment. I was able to do a little bit for this past weekend's clinic, but I will be able to do a lot more for the Natural Kentucky. 

If you'd like to follow Kevin on Instagram, you can do so by clicking here @1Manstalent / He's also a highly sought-after coach, trainer, and posing expert. Be sure to contact him, today.

Thursday, August 8, 2019

The Posing Clinic NOT to Miss!!

Learn From The Best on Saturday, August 10th, at Proof Fitness!!

If you're a physique-based athlete looking to take your posing to the next level, you simply cannot deprive yourself of the opportunity to attend this Saturday, August 10th's, NPC FREE Posing Clinic, featuring Gary Udit, Linda Andrew, and Kevin Johnson. The event will be held at Proof Fitness (4101 Tates Creek Centre Dr Ste 164, Lexington, KY 40517). It's sponsored by Next Level Sports Nutrition and the KY Open Sports Festival.

Gary Udit is our NPC Mid Atlantic Zone Chair. This zone includes Kentucky, Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia, DC, Maryland and Pennsylvania. Gary is also a Mr. Olympia judge. The Olympia has often been, correctly, referred to as "The Superbowl of Bodybuilding." It's the most prestigious physique-based competition on the planet! If and only if, a professional athlete wins the Olympia (in their respective division), can they call themselves the best in the world. Only the NPC will lead you to the IFBB Pro League, which is the only road to the Olympia.

In addition to overseeing The MAZ, being an Olympia judge, and contest promoter, Gary is an expert in the field of posing - both scoring it and teaching it. Any competitor who is serious about presenting their physique to the fullest, would be highly encouraged to attend this Saturday, August 10th, at Proof Fitness in Lexington!!

IFBB Pro Linda Andrew is an accomplished pro figure athlete with a wealth of experience competing. She's also an NPC National level judge and does awesome interviews for NPC News Online (if you haven't caught any, look for them!!). Like, Gary, Linda has an eye for posing and in just a few seconds could help you perfect a pose, perhaps give you some insights into posture, and/or give you some much needed encouragement. That's right folks, sometimes you might be nailing a pose but be unsure of yourself. If someone of Linda's stature in the sport gave you a pat on the back, that will go a very long way to how you pose on stage. A big part of this, is believing in yourself! You have to show the judges that you are the winner!!

IFBB Kevin Johnson has been said to be one of the two greatest posers in Kentucky and someone whose posing will be internationally celebrated - I know so, because I'm one of the people making these remarks. Kevin turned pro at the 2017 NPC Nationals, but has not really enjoyed much of the spotlight his pro status, physique, and posing abilities warrant. His presence, as a co-headliner, for this very important seminar, will undoubtedly turn a very important new page in his career. Kevin is proudly sponsored by Next Level Sports Nutrition.

In closing, I'd like to to take this opportunity to personally invite you to this amazing event. I will be doing press for StrengthAddicts / NPCSKY, so maybe we can do an interview or snap a candid. Remember, you don't have to come out all day, just come out for your division only. That being said, if you wanted to hang out all day, please do so. If you're not competing and have absolutely no shows planned, you should most definitely come out as well. But why?!?!! Because a big part of being successful in the fitness industry requires networking, showing support, and getting yourself and your name - out there!

See YOU this Saturday, at Proof Fitness, in Lexington, KY!!