Friday, April 12, 2019

Kentucky Head Judge, Jimmy Hornback's Clinic

If muscle is what makes the fitness world go round, then posing is what illustrates everything we love about the sport. If you were to ask bodybuilding fans who some of their greatest stars are, chances are, they'd name off people who can pose. Guys like the late Ed Corney, Bob Paris, Melvin Anthony and Kai Greene. Unfortunately many of these greats have long retired, but for folks in Louisville and the Kentuckyana region, they're in luck. Kentucky Head Judge Jimmy Hornback has got the knowledge and the eye for talent, that's made him a local legend. 

In addition to Jim, IFBB Pro and celebrated Judge, Monica Hornback, will be in the house, as well as superstars Derek Lunsford, Andre Ferguson, and local hero Autumn Cleveland. This event has it all. Will you be there?

Be sure to head on over and have a blast, both at Louisville Supplement Store, and then walk on over to LAC Westport (less than 100ft away). If you're looking to compete at the upcoming Kentucky shows, in Indiana, or abroad, the lessons you'll learn will be invaluable to you. Who knows, if you compete in one of the many contests in The MAZ offering the Best Poser award, you might just win it because of attending this fantastic event, sponsored by Louisville Supplement Store. 

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