Friday, July 26, 2019

re: Chauncey Wilson's Big Annoucement

It's very unfortunate that one of Kentucky's most promising IFBB Pro's, Chauncey "The Shredder" Wilson, has had to go public with a situation that could not be resolved between him and his former sponsor. When Chauncey won the NPC Kentucky Derby Festival Championships, several companies rushed to get him to ink deals. Upon turning professional, at the 2019 NPC Junior USA Championships, I spoke with Chauncey and Jason [Theobald], regarding the idea of renegotiating contracts and moving forward as a pro. Both of these guys had some great ideas of their own, so I just added to them.

I became aware of Chauncey's situation almost immediately. I tried to apply some pressure, but was unsuccessful. I was also made aware of another athlete of the company in question, going through some unusual issues. That athlete was momentarily dropped, then taken back, after some efforts. That same athlete was once again in limbo when a certain sale took place, but last I was told, I was promised (actually), that his place was safe. I'm intentionally being vague, so my apologies for that, but I don't want to jeopardize anyone's gig.

When it comes to NPC and IFBB Pro League athletes in Kentucky, this page will go to bat for them. This page isn't tied to a contest and it's 100% unofficial. Anyone who wants to try to get me in trouble for that, knock yourself out.

On the other hand, the truth of the matter is, if you don't work, you get cut. Companies sponsor athletes and they have certain expectations (contained in signed contracts). If you're supposed to post a code, post photos, and/or be active on social media, then the athletes have to live up to that. If they don't, then they deserve to get cut. But let's qualify this a bit, too. If an athlete has won a major regional contest, then won a national-level show and turned pro, and is in peak weak for his/her pro debut (not to mention earning a Top 6 placing), all in a 2 month period, those are pretty unique circumstances. With the amount of success enjoyed and the various stages where said competitor is earning top placings, whether or not he/she posts 2x on IG seems pretty trivial - if you ask me. If an athlete is winning huge contests, wearing a company's attire and promoting said company on press, that seems 100x more powerful than reposting a bogo or hyping up a sale where you can get a free shaker cup on IG.

Then again, if the company in question wasn't happy, they could have severed the contract, but not paying for Chauncey's expenses on an approved trip? Also, not paying any part of the renegotiated contract, is also inappropriate and shows bad faith. I have a real problem with companies who sign athletes, make promises which athletes detrimentally rely on, and then simply leave the athletes with the bills for their hotel, contest fees, and per diems, standing there, SOL. I also have a real problem with companies who agree to advertise, give assurances they'll pay, and then later on decide they don't want to pay and just go about their merry way.

I don't just do contest coverage for a living.. one of these days.. one of these days.

I'm very sorry Chauncey is going through this.

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