Thursday, July 18, 2019

Kentucky, IFBB Pro's Team Up

Chauncey Wilson assesses Richard Sparks.

IFBB Pro's Jeremy Decker and Chauncey "The Shredder" Wilson are great friends, both elite level athletes, and both work very hard. While they're accomplished competitors, they're not the type to brag or be full of themselves. Do they have self-confidence? Yes. Do they ever act better than anyone else? Never.

These guys also have history, a great story, indeed. Chauncey prepped Jeremy to a key placing and earning his pro card at last year's NPC North American Championships in Pittsburgh. A year later Jeremy was in Charleston, SC, to see Chauncey win the 2019 NPC Junior USA's, taking the Classic Physique Overall, and earning his IFBB Pro League pro card. Both guys truly believe in each other, have been there for each other, and will be very successful in all future projects.

So what are these two guys up to, what's the big project? Well, as y'all may know, it's become considerably harder to get nationally qualified for NPC competition. As word continues to gets out and more and more people want to compete for titles in Louisville, Lexington, and Covington, not to mention, throughout the region, posing has become one of the most in-demand disciplines that new and veteran competitors want to sharpen. Now, contrary to the wisdom of social media..., you can never develop posing prowess by simply watching YouTube Videos or IG TV, you also can't get it by going to contests and trying to copy that which you see on stage. The truth of the matter is, if you want to become a great poser, you need to study with a great poser. It's very much akin to martial arts. Would you learn Kung Fu off a video online - or - would you study with a sensai with years of experience under his/her belt?

Now, when it comes to posing, there's two major names in Kentucky - Kevin Johnson and Chauncey Wilson. Both of these guys are the very best, though neither one of them have ever truly received the star treatment. Other clinics have done great work, but all clinics in the future should include the best of the best - talent of the future! In fact, I was honored that Chauncey made the drive to Newport, KY, earlier this year, and was part of our Free NPC Seminar at Crunch Fitness. I'm also very happy that  IFBB Pro Kevin Johnson is featured in the upcoming Kentucky Open Free NPC Seminar in Lexington (also featuring Gary Udit and IFBB Pro Linda Andrew).

Getting back to Chauncey and Jeremy, though, what they're doing is also noteworthy for two other, very important, reasons. Not only are both men pro's and not only have both men competed on national stages, but they're sharing their knowledge for free. They are also offering the group posing option on a weekly basis!!

I, personally, think that everyone in Louisville should take advantage of this amazing opportunity! I also think that if you're anywhere in Kentucky, you owe it to yourself to be a part of at least one class. You've worked too hard for this, between your diet, your training, and all the contest-related costs, to not give your posing a very real try. Even if you have the BEST physique on contest day, if you can't show it, you're not going to win. Also, even folks who can nail the mandatory poses, may be like deer in headlights in a pose down situation. Pose downs are entertaining for the audience, but every so often, a pose down may also BUY TIME!! There's really close calls where judges are having trouble tabulating their final scores and an all out pose down, gives them more time, and sometimes might even push a competitor that tiny, little bit, over. A poser who's really on the ball, might impress a judge enough, to make break what otherwise might be a dead heat. There's a TON of strategy that's employed in great posing, as well, so please don't underestimate the abilities of great posing coaches.

As you can see, I believe posing plays a HUGE role and that's why I wanted to commend Chauncey and Jeremy for really giving back to the fitness community. Please contact them on Facebook and/or IG for more information.

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