Monday, July 15, 2019

Meet, Ryan Becht of Louisville Supplement Store

Ryan & Casey Becht - Louisville Supplement Store

I'm sure many of you have heard, by now, that Rob Nieters sold Louisville Supplement Store. In a short amount of time, Rob, together with Travis Schnell, made a very strong impact on the Louisville fitness scene. These efforts were enhanced with the strong support of (past/present) sponsored athletes likes IFBB Pro Sam Adiki (aka The African Lion), IFBB Pro Wayne Williams, NPC athletes like Jorge Felix, Tracy Cates, Nick Tong, Jay Jones, Rhea Wills, and others. Things were on the up and up, the 2018 feud was over, and the contest season was off to a a great start. No one could have anticipated the sale, much less the sponsored athletes. The good news is, Louisville Supplement Store's doors are open, the sponsored athletes have a bright future, and LSS's new owner, Ryan Becht, will continue to help grow the fitness community here in Louisville and throughout the region.

So who is Ryan Becht?

Ryan, like many of us, is someone who discovered fitness and found a great journey in it. For some of us, the fitness journey took us into media, competing, and/or business, just to name a few paths. In Ryan's case, fitness helped change his life. Some six years ago, he stopped drinking, put all his faith in God, and started training seriously. It was while training, at LAC Westport, that he met Casey. They fell in love, got married, and have a great family (with four great kids, ranging in ages from 5-13). He also met two great friends in Mark Krauss and Michael Dubree, both of whom also reclaimed their lives, much like Ryan had. Mark and Michael also showed Ryan how to train.

As time progressed in both Ryan and Casey's training, she'd go on to compete at last year's NPC Kentucky Muscle, taking 2nd in Figure, and becoming nationally-qualified. As a result, the couple are headed to Miami, FL this year, for the 2019 NPC Nationals, where Casey will compete for an IFBB Pro League Pro Card.

When the opportunity of buying Louisville Supplement Store presented itself, Ryan saw a great opportunity to further the very strong network he and Casey had built. In fact, to quote him directly, "this store is a dream of both of ours and developing an awesome team is paramount. We just want to grow a great company and supply jobs and excellent service and products."

I know that Ryan and Casey will do a fantastic job!! Help me, in wishing them, many blessings and good fortune!! Be sure to visit Louisville Supplement Store, today!!

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