Saturday, July 27, 2019

Michelle Jackson - A New Voice for Kentucky's Fitness Community

Michelle Jackson on Facebook LIVE

About a couple weeks ago, while surfing around Facebook, I stumbled upon a LIVE Chat hosted by NPC Figure Competitor Michelle Jackson. I interviewed her at The Factory Gym in Louisville a few months ago and have stayed in loose contact with her since. From what I know of her, she's an incredibly hard working and committed athlete, trainer, and competitor. When our first interview wasn't able to happen, she came back a second time to Louisville (from E-Town), to make sure it happened. To say I've always been impressed with her, would be an understatement - Michelle has some clear-cut, undeniable ambassadorial qualities, and a work ethic, second to none.

The Facebook LIVE Chat I got to watch showed me a different side of her than when we'd interviewed. She wasn't talking about contest prep, competing, and/or anything of the sort. She was talking about real life, her life, and she was able to do it on a live situation. Imagine opening up about your feelings, with questions coming your way, and being able to pay your viewers attention, meanwhile carrying on with your thoughts. She did a very good job and I knew I had to reach out to her. 

I was supposed to fly out to Gary Udit's 2019 NPC Teen, Collegiate, Masters Nationals, and I was running a bunch of errands, but I asked Michelle to give me a call and we spoke for about 30 minutes. The topic of the conversation, was the idea of her doing her own weekly show. It's a conversation I've had with only one other person, Kendall Norris of Lexington, who would also do an excellent job. 

Since our conversation, Michelle has released three more videos. I don't believe she has a name for the series, just yet, but she's planning on launching a YouTube channel and in time I will help her with logistics, marketing, and hopefully getting some sponsors. With regards to sponsors, however, I'm starting to change my game plan. Local is better when buying fruits and vegetables, but a lot of local sponsors are for the birds. If we got Michelle with 1-2 solid, regional/national sponsors, there's no limit to what she could.

Also, I think it's about time women had a voice. A big part of successful media, is representing various perspectives, and I think the male-dominated media could definitely use a break from the monotony. 

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