Sunday, March 31, 2019

The Factory Gym - Hardcore Since '84

Jay Jones and Jorge Felix are Factory Gym sponsored athletes.

Great Scott, WTF happened to most of the old-school gyms?!?! They're gone!!

Chances are, if you live in just about any major American city, most old school bodybuilding gyms have gone the way of the dinosaurs. In most cities, "gym" chains run the show and they're all locked in battle over the $9.99/$19.99 a month crowd. These facilities typically have massage chairs, tanning rooms, and stuff their members' faces with candy, pizza, and bagels. What they're really good for, exercise-wise, is cardio equipment. Weight-training machines and free weights aren't a priority for them. Other chains, offer more in terms of weights, but charge an arm and a leg. These gyms are obsessed with up-selling, imposing mountains of rules, and even post silly signs in the men's locker rooms - like anyone is going to use certain supplements while using the can (so stupid). Finally, there's some gym owners opting to pay big franchise fees, in order to have one of the 3 biggest old-school gym names over their facility. In a way, having certain names like Gold's, World's, and/or Powerhouse, alone, will bring the bodybuilding crowd in the door. That being said, I've been to gyms with those names on the signage, in cities outside Kentucky, only to walk into what would otherwise pass for a Planet Fitness or Retro Fitness. 

Louisville Metro is Kentucky's largest city-county, with a population of just over 1.2 million, and two medium-sized bodybuilding contests, to its name. Like most American cities, there's a considerable variety of training facilities - all battling it out with marketing campaigns and competing for who's the cheapest - offering the most trivial amenities. Most talk a big game, but don't deliver squat.

The real game-changer, here, is equipment. No gym in Louisville has what The Factory has. You could sit in every conceivable angle and be the biggest Iron MacGyver, but you're not going to be able to hit and stimulate the muscle, the way you'll do at 4709 Allmond Ave STE 3B. Louisville, KY. Even their reverse leg curl machines will blow your mind!! From the most basic to the most intricate, you have access to machines and devices others gyms won't have in a million years! There's plenty "gyms" in the area, but only one Factory - don't be fooled!!

The Factory Gym, whose motto is "hardcore since '84," is all about physique-based and strength-based athletes; it's not just an old school gym, it's like walking into a time warp and there's no telling who you might run into - from pro bodybuilders to powerlifters to pro wrestlers.

The Factory Gym also sponsors some of the best athletes in Kentucky, not to mention, proudly sponsors NPC Strong Kentucky. Be sure to stop by, the next time you're ANYWHERE near Louisville. 

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